Aménagements extérieurs des chalets et mobil-homes en prl

A fully customisable plot of land

Because everyone is unique, all our plots of land are different.

With Deuxième Adresse you can customise your outdoor space to suit you and the style of your home!

Wooden decking, bioclimatic pergola, landscaped garden, hot tub. We can cater to your every whim!


Terrain de loisirs avec mobil home à vendre


Would you like a helping hand from planning and landscaping professionals ?

We work with specialised partners who will help turn your outdoor space into a real living area !

Our partners have hundreds of original and creative ideas to custom-design your garden.

Their job is to create a mood, blend materials, and harmonise the space to make your garden a thing of beauty.

Buying a mobile home in a residential park – Kubio 51

Achat mobil home en camping résidentiel - Kubio 51


The deck is a natural extension of the living space, a real outdoor piece of paradise.

It’s a living area in its own right. The wood varieties used come from forests in Scandinavia and are recognised for their density and stability.

They are treated under vacuum and at high pressure to meet the necessary standards and class for outdoor use.
Pergola – A feature of our lodges and mobile-homes in residential parks.

Pergola - équipement des chalets et mobil-homes en résidence de loisirs


The main aim of bioclimatic design is to obtain agreeable living conditions and a comfortable atmosphere (temperature, light) as naturally as possible.

Characteristics :

  • Pergola with adjustable slats
  • 100% aluminium
  • Water evacuation system
  • Standard and bespoke sizes
  • Great value

Options :

  • Lighting by LED strip
  • Sliding wall Awning
  • Non-zipped windable blind
Spa - Domaines Résidentiels de Loisirs


Installing an outdoor hot tub means you can enjoy a nice, relaxing soak while admiring the view over your garden.

The water of your outdoor hot tub is heated, so you can go in for a dip whenever you feel like it.

And there’s nothing as relaxing as taking a hot bath outdoors in the middle of winter !

Outdoor facilities of lodges in residential parks

Aménagement extérieur des chalets en domaine résidentiel de loisirs


To guarantee you custom outdoor spaces, we have partners on hand to help you design your plot of land.