Sécurisation des domaines résidentiels de loisirs - Digicode

Because safety is one of our priorities, all of our Deuxième Adresse residential parks are secured.

All-year-round surveillance

Our residential parks are open all year. And yet, these are by definition second homes, meaning you may be away from the residential park for several weeks. Deuxième Adresse ensures the security of the park all year round.

  • All of our residential parks are secured, closed by gates and with CCTV surveillance.
  • Surveillance cameras are pointed towards the entrance and the central path.

We keep up a constant watch to offer you the best possible level of service in terms of security.

You can close the door on your second home in full peace of mind : your home is protected and monitored.

Easy yet secure access

The gates to the residential parks are opened by remote control or entry code. Access to your second home is easy yet secure.

Children’s security

All of our parks are enclosed and monitored : your children are safe to come and go as they please.

Access to the swimming pool and spa areas are also controlled by entry code to stop children from entering alone.