Avantages fiscaux des domaines résidentiels de loisirs

Buying a home or a mobile home in a residential park is not just a convenient and comfortable option, the financial advantages are considerable compared to a standard second home.

Pack subscriptions help reduce bills

By purchasing a holiday plot in one of our residential parks, you can do away with individual subscriptions.

Electricity, water, television, and Internet are all included in the operating expenses.

By pooling the subscriptions of all our parks, we obtain discounted prices. For our electricity subscriptions for example, we have negotiated business rates.

For the Internet, we have a dedicated optical fibre subscription, and each holiday home has a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Savoir-Faire Deuxième Adresse, mobil-home en camping résidentiel
Groupe Duret

Deuxième Adresse’s know-how – mobile-homes in residential parks

No council tax or individual property tax.

As they are considered as mobile holiday homes (RML), the second homes in our residential parks are therefore exempt from council tax and you will have no individual property tax to pay either. A common property tax is directly included in the operating expenses.

Reduced operating expenses

The operating expenses include the various utility subscriptions (electricity, water, television, Internet), the property tax, and the maintenance fees of the residential park.

They are to be paid each year in two instalments and cost around €500/semester.

This considerably reduces the fees you pay for maintaining your second home in a residential park compared to a standard house or apartment.


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