Saving money by buying in a residential park? It’s possible thanks to the LMNP scheme. The LMNP, which stands for non-professional furnished rental in French, is a tax scheme, which entitles you to tax cuts for the purchase of a property that you intend to rent out as furnished accommodation. Our second homes in residential parks are eligible for this scheme.

Buying under the LMNP scheme in a residential park: an advantageous taxation

After you have acquired your furnished home, our LMNP tax status experts will share their know-how with you to help you reclaim VAT on a number of expenses including :

  • The purchase of your home including VAT (20% of the total purchase amount).
  • The purchase of all the equipment required for the rental of your home under the LMNP status.
  • Any investment useful for your rental activity.

How to benefit from the LMNP status

The LMNP status is designed for individuals who own a furnished home and who want to rent it out.

To be characterised as a furnished rental, your mobile home in a residential park must feature all the necessary furniture and equipment that will allow your tenants to live there.

You may only rent your property provided the following conditions are met :

  • The total revenue of your non-professional furnished rental activity does not exceed €23,000 per year.
  • Your total annual rental income does not exceed that of your tax household.

Our LMNP partner Mobil Home Serenity

To ensure you receive optimal support in your non-professional furnished rental activity in our residential parks, we work with a trusted partner: Mobil Home Serenity.

So that all the procedures related to the LMNP status are properly completed, it’s important for you to be able to rely on a specialist, such as Mobil Home Serenity.

It offers customised services to help get through the formalities related to this tax status. For more than 15 years, Mobil Home Serenity has been the LMNP status expert in open-air accommodation. The company has recognised know-how and perfect knowledge of the tax laws pertaining to furnished park homes.

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